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Lose a laptop or other computer and your confidential data is exposed to anyone. Unless your data is encrypted it is incredibly simple for anyone to view, remove and share ANY of the data that was stored on the laptop - even if the password is unknown you are at risk.

What if your laptop contained VPN or remote access details? This exposes your entire corporate network to unauthorised access.   Dont become a statistic.  US law now says that that if travelling to the USA, Customs can search your laptop or ANY electronic device...

Installed on more than 6 Million computers worldwide, DriveCrypt provides companies of all sizes with a centrally managed, secure, automatic full disk encryption solution.

DriveCrypt is deployed in minutes, and provides total protection for loss or theft of data stored on PCs, Servers, and Laptops.

Key Features:

EAL and CCIT and FIPS Certification drivecrypt encryption for windows 7 windows 2008 bitlocker Looking for a MANAGED Encryption service which supports Windows and Mac OSX clients?  Check out our new Alertsec Service.
EAL and CCIT and FIPS Certification DriveCrypt is Full disk encryption software which can be deployed and managed centrally.
Enterprise console provides central deployment, management and reporting.
In the event of loss or theft of a computer all data is 100% unreadable.
Virtually zero performance impact on encrypted PC's and laptops.
EAL and CCIT and FIPS Certification DriveCrypt Enterprise has awarded FIPS accreditation, and is currently undergoing other certification. 
Installed in literally minutes, enterprise wide!  Watch the demo.
Real-time, secure, on the fly, FIPS-197, 256bit AES sector level, FULL disk encryption.   NO TPM chip is required.
Encrypts not only hard disks but removable media such as USB sticks, floppy, JAZ, Zip drives etc.  Works with SafeStick hardware encrypted USB devices.
Full integration with Microsoft Active Directory.
Over 6 million installations worldwide.  Satisfied customers include New Scotland Yard, Hitachi, Compaq, Alcatel, Shell, PriceWaterHouse Coopers, Volkswagen and many more...

Supports Windows 32 and 64bit editions of 2008, 7, Vista, 2000, XP, 2003, and NT.
device lock devicewall Works seamlessly with DeviceLock Enterprise to restrict the use of all removable devices and data access. More on DeviceLock.
Completely transparent to the end user. NO TRAINING REQUIRED.  Use the PC / laptop as normal.
Full "hibernation" support for laptops.
Single sign-on capability.
Remote user password recovery - if a user forgets their password, company administrators can provide a challenge / response password change remotely.
Remote disaster recovery capability. Authorised system administrators can decrypt / recover data in the event of a laptop failure.
Pre-boot authentication.  Supports optional USB hardware authentication tokens such as Rainbow and Aladdin.
Comprehensive UK based technical support for all customers.

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