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Sophos SafeGuard Enterprise Encryption

Your confidential data needs protection, and you've got to prove it’s protected to the regulators.

Sophos give you encryption options — they all help you build security policies. And your users can securely access, share, store and recover that data.

With Sophos SafeGuard Enterprise, you’ll protect data on your desktops, laptops and removable media. Our award-winning encryption and data loss prevention (DLP) stops data breaches and makes compliance simpler without getting in your way. And you save time, because your endpoint protection is easy to manage from one central console.

Key Features;
  Central management, deployment and policy control console.
  Protects all of your devices from desktops, laptops to removable media and more — Gartner says Sophos is a leader in Endpoint Protection Platforms
  Allows authorised users to share data securely and easily
  Provides recovery options for keys, data, and forgotten passwords, even when the help desk can't be reached
  Enables pre-boot user authentication using a password, token, smartcard, biometrics, or key ring
  Uses Active Directory to import user and device information, synchronize and schedule tasks
  Produces detailed logs and compliance reports on users and encrypted devices.
  Available for virtually all Windows and Mac operating systems.
  Modular Options are available;
  • Management Center manages your modules
  • Device Encryption lets you encrypt laptops and desktop PCs
  • Data Exchange encrypts removable media and lets you send specific-file types
  • Configuration Protection controls your PC ports and file types
  • Partner Connect lets you manage external encryption products

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Device Control

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