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Effective, intelligent e-mail protection

Sophos Email Security Appliances deliver effective, intelligent and reliable protection for organisations of all sizes.

Available in both appliance and virtual form factors, these easy-to-manage solutions deliver high-capacity, high-availability security and complete email content control.

Featuring advanced threat detection, built-in redundancy, remote heartbeat monitoring, and the most intuitive web-based management console available, all backed up by the huge experience of a single, trusted, enterprise class vendor - Sophos.


Total Virus and spam protection

  • Sophos Integrated anti-virus and anti-spam technology
    Protects incoming and outgoing email from viruses, spyware, malware, Trojans and worms. Stopping virtually all spam, it also protects against email scams, including phishing attacks.
  • Genotype threat detection
    SophosLabs is a 24 hour global network of threat analysis centres, which deliver pre-emptive protection against new variants of existing viruses and spam campaigns.
    The appliance is updated against new virus threats and spammer / phishing techniques automatically every 5 (yes FIVE) minutes!
  • Reputation filtering
    Sophos' own IP Block List intercepts messages from known spammers and increases throughput of known safe email by up to 50%.
  • Content scanning
    Messages are scanned for offensive words, key words, attachment types, and filters you specify to ensure compliance with regulatory and internal acceptable use policies.

System management

  • "Three clicks to anywhere" interface
    Quick, comprehensive status checks and easy system navigation from any modern web browser deliver unrivaled insight and control, while the unique dashboard presents all vital system statistics on a single page.
  • End-to-end message forensics
    Detailed searches of message logs and the onboard quarantine reduces helpdesk burden.
  • Automatic updates and software upgrades
    Rreceives protection updates every five minutes, providing the most up-to-date email security available.

System availability

  • Advanced alerting technology
    Rreduces administrative burden and simplifies system health monitoring with exception-driven notifications that trigger only when attention is required.
  • Proactive heartbeat monitoring
    Enjoy greater peace of mind knowing that Sophos technicians actively listen for connection failures to ensure that every appliance continuously receives protection updates, and Sophos will contact you to initiate resolution of any problems.
  • Built-in redundancy
    Dual hot-swappable disk drives and power supplies deliver high-volume message capacity and greater availability.
  • On-demand remote assistance
    Get extra help from our highly trained technical staff with on-demand assistance via secure connection.

If you wish to try the Email or Web Security Appliance for 30 days on-site please use this form - alternatively for the VMware version you can download a regular software trial.

Try the Virtual Version now for 30 days or Request a quotation.


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