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new data beast emc unlimited san storage DATABeast consolidates huge amounts of storage (up to many Petabytes) into a single, high density, energy-efficient, ultra-fast, ultra-resilient easy-to-manage solution that can be economically expanded at any time.

With DATABeast you can simplify storage management with the latest tools including virtualization, thin provisioning and storage tiering without the need for special agents or capacity keys.

The DATABeast provides everything in a pre-assembled and pre-configured system with all redundant components installed and cabled.

DATABeast is designed to be rolled in, plugged in and set up rapidly. Simply attach it to your network and you are ready to configure your storage resources and deliver them to your applications.

Key Features:

Scale from terabytes to petabytes in a single system. No storage capacity keys , no server nor application licenses required - DATABeast can scale to perform 100,000 I/Os per second and support millions to billions of files all within the same solution. Expand capacity by adding more DATABeast storage systems or more DATABeast expansion racks to your DATABeast architecture. You can scale performance by simply adding more DATABeast nodes
Consolidate multiple storage systems into a centrally managed, 100% resilient, high performance storage vault, addressing different applications and providing tiered storage;
DATABeast can be deployed in hours, in a pre-configured rack.
Perfectly suited to satisfying all regular and the very highest performance data storage needs. Virtualization storage (VMware, ESX, XEN, HyperV) video editing, database storage, streaming media, general file server store, archiving etc.
Protect data and sites with built-in mirroring, remote replication and snapshots.
Energy Savings of up to 58% - NexSan's unique AutoMAID 2.0 technology provide massive heat and power energy saving benefits for the datacentre. 
Includes all the latest tools including virtualization, thin provisioning and storage tiering without the need for special agents or capacity keys.
DATABeast’s data protection services create an environment where data and sites are protected against loss because they are easy to restore and quick to recover - if need be, operations can be migrated to another location
Ensure continuous access during software upgrades or component outage with active / active independent and redundant DATABeast Controller nodes and connectivity infrastructure.
Administer and monitor all storage services for 1000's of volumes and petabytes of capacity from a single interface. Manage multiple DATABeast controller nodes, create volumes, and perform replication, view system reports and logs using DATABeast Management Server.
Continual event monitoring with active user notification - Tele-Guard™ monitors all system parameters and allows alerts to be sent via ' Plain English ' e-mails, Internet based SMS notification or pager support.
Build large 16TB and 64TB volumes across multiple storage resources
Designed, supplied and supported in the UK.
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