PineApp solutions give you the power to manage all of your organisations email communications and web browsing which is critical in todays business environment.

Phishing, viruses, spam, worms, spyware, denial of service attacks and malicious code are all costly enough to deal with, but the potential loss of confidential information, liability from illegal or offensive content, wasted bandwidth, increased storage and unproductive staff costs all adds up to issues that no business can afford to ignore.

PineApp offer world class, highly scalable solutions to address all business threats, compliance, and storage management issues.

mailmarshal product overview
Mail-Secure - complete, scalable, easy email management.
webmarshal product overview
Surf-Secure - control all web browsing and remove Internet threats.
webmarshal product overview
SoHo-SeCure - all-in-one Mail and Web filtering for smaller customers.
webmarshal product overview
Archive-SeCure - powerful, plug and play email-archiving & discovery.
mail marshal email appliance
Mail Encryption - 256bit S/MIME, Open PGP Email encryption. *coming soon*
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