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McAfee SaaS Web Protection

The Web. A Great Tool and a potential Risk...
  • Today, 85% of malware comes from the web.
  • 30,000 websites are infected every day - 80% of them are legitimate websites YOU regularly visit - and the threats are invisible.
  • Hidden Exploits are controlling computers, stealing data and redirecting users to malicious sites.
  • Yet 30% of businesses have ZERO web protection.
  • 95% of businesses are unable to control web access across all devices and apps...

The Threat

Malware, viruses, drive-by infections and unsuitable websites are a huge threat to the security & productivity of your organisation.  

Also today, employees are accessing the Web not only from their desktop browser, but via all sorts of devices & apps.  You need a single solution to protect your entire workforce.

The Solution is McAfee Web Protection

Total web security for all computers, mobile devices, apps & remote workers via an ultra-fast and reliable service.  

There is no hardware or software to install, update or manage. Simply redirect all your web browsing traffic through the McAfee service, where it is scanned for known and unknown threats with state-of-the-art, multi level security technologies.

If you already have on-premises web filtering, our service seamlessly adds additional layers of protection, including the highest rated anti-virus and anti-malware engine, and secures branch offices, road warriors and mobile users.

Available as a subscription from just 5 users McAfee Web Protection is a cost effective solution for all sizes of organisation.

Key Features:

GUARANTEED less expensive & more features than Mimecast, Maildistiller, Messagelabs, Proofpoint & more - Get a Quote.
Block all web threats 100% automatically across all devices - BEFORE they can reach your network.  
Leverages McAfee's Global Threat Intelligence - 100 million malware censors worldwide updating your protection instantly..
Protects your network from Malware, Worms, Viruses, Phishing, Spyware, pornography, dangerous file attachments and more.
Simple installation and policy managed in the Cloud - which means no hardware or software to install, support or upgrade! 
Fully redundant, 100% service availability - supporting companies of all sizes from 5 to hundred of thousands of users.
Managed from the same, easy to use, intuitive web based console as McAfee Email Protection!
Real time protection with continuous updates - "backstop" policy means there can be no lapse in security due to a badly configured policy.
Enforce "SafeSearch" as required.
Allow / Deny access based on hundreds of categories of websites. Set policies against offensive, undesired, and unproductive web use.
Schedule different policies for different times of the day.
Enable explicit user based or IP based authentication.
Fully redundant ISO 27001 Certified Data Centers
Flexible, cost effective billing options - monthly, annually, multi-year.
Easily create, maintain and update your web protection policy - full, complete, granular control over absolutely everything.
Log, audit and produce reports on all activity.

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 Web Forensics

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Web Reports


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