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McAfee SaaS Email Continuity

Business Email Continuity - 100% Guaranteed

What happens when your mail server goes down either unexpectedly due to a power outage, software fault, migration, during an upgrade or other disaster?

Normally, your employees lose all access to email.  Not any longer.

During any email outage, the McAfee Email Continuity Service automatically activates a secure, easy-to-use web interface for your users and administrators to compose, send, receive, and manage emails.

All email sent and received via the continuity service is automatically filtered against your policies as normal, providing uninterrupted access and protection for all inbound and outbound email.

When your mail server comes online again, McAfee intelligently synchronises and re-delivers up to 60 rolling days of outage-period email activity.

The email continuity service is available as an option when subscribing to the Email Protection service.

Mail Server Upgrades and Migrations

Need to upgrade your mail server, migrate to a new platform or hardware?   No problem with McAfee Email continuity.

Essential work can be done during normal working hours without affecting email use – saving you money on out-of-hours costs and making maintenance less disruptive and easier to manage.

How to Buy

Email continuity is provided as part of the Email Protection Service and the combined Email & Web Protection suite.

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