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The Kingston DTVP-M and the new DT4000-M FIPS 140 Level 2 encrypted flash drives combine 100% data security, Kingston's reliability and 24x7 support, with the management technology of SafeConsole.

The result is a family of enterprise-ready, secure, manageable flash drives.

Kingston delivers the three critical factors that turn flash drives from being simple secure data movement tools, into Enterprise-wide corporate resources:

1. Centralised drive management. 
2. Centralised 100% drive security.
3. Centralised audit, tracking and reporting.

SafeConsole Management console is now FREE only from Softek.

Key Features:

SafeConsole LITE management console is now FREE with every purchase of 25+ Kingston drives from Softek.
100% Privacy and 100% Security: Military grade AES 256 bit encryption in CBC mode in hardware, via an on-board, non-bypassable security processor. 
DT4000-M is FIPS 140 Level 2 Certified.
Fully managed.  No Exceptions. All Kingston DTVP-M and DT4000-M drives MUST be managed by the SafeConsole drive management system.
Remote Password Reset.  Perform remote password reset via challenge/response system.  NOTE: Password reset is a totally secure, certificate based password recovery mechanism - it is NOT a backdoor or replayable. There are no backdoor passwords in Kingston managed drives as there are in some other solutions.
Password Policy: Configure multiple complex password policies and assign them to different groups within the organisation. Password character content, length and number of attempts can all be configured within the SafeConsole for Kingston management system.
Device State Management: If a DTVP-M or DT4000-M drive is lost or stolen, it can be remotely disabled or reset to factory settings, wiping out all data and information.
File Restrictor: Filter content and files.  Set a policy for approved or whitelisted file types - for example allow PDF's but deny EXE's or MP3.
ZoneBuilder:  DTVP-M and DT4000-M users are able to create zones of trust between themselves and their respective desktops, where the drive automatically unlocks upon plug-in to an enterprise host computer using your Active Directory Credentials.
safe apps for safestick anti virus Portable Applications:  Deploy "zero footprint", fully portable, fully manageable productivity applications directly to your Kingston managed drives for your users.  
Backup & Content Audit:  SafeConsole provides incremental backups of the DTVP-M / DT4000-M drives that does not affect users’ everyday work. Lost or damaged drives can be re-created easily by sending its backup information and settings to a new drive.
"Brute Force" attack lockdown protection.  Enter the wrong password too many times and the drive is disabled and/or data is wiped.
Device Audit — File Audit Trail: All files copied to or from a drive can audited, logged and stored - including Admin actions and failed unlock attempts.
Publisher (Content Distribution): Distribute and update files and portable applications securely to DTVP-M or DT4000-M drives even when those drives are remote (via secure Internet connection).
Timer Lock:  A configurable time-out / lockout policy is available. Should a user forget their drive in a PC the drive will automatically lockdown after a customisable period of time.
Compatible: works with Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP. 
Active Malware Protection:  Conficker, Stuxnet and Autorun protection means DTVP-M and DT4000-M cannot become a carrier of malware.

Available Capacity:

  • DTVP-M:  2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB, 32GB
  • DT4000-M: 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB
DTVP-M performance* :  Data transfer rates of up to 24MB/s read and 10MB/s write.

* For the 2GB capacity unit, data transfer rates of up to 17MB/s read and 9MB/s write apply. Speed may vary due to host hardware, software and usage.

DT4000-M performance :  Data transfer rates of up to 18MB/s read and 10MB/s write.
DT4000-M is FIPS 140-2 validated.
Waterproof:  Up to 4 ft.; conforms to IEC 60529 IPX8. Product must be clean and dry before use.
Durable:  DTVP-M has a ruggedised aluminium case.  DT4000-M features a waterproof and titanium-coated stainless steel casing.
Guaranteed:  5 year warranty and 24x7 customer support.
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