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janusSEAL Document Classification


janusSEAL Documents is a solution to force end users to apply protective security classification markings to Microsoft® Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents. 

When users create any new document, or open an existing one without a security classification, they are required to choose a classification such as "Top Secret", "Confidential" or "Unrestricted" - all classifications are customisable of course.

By leveraging the unique, tight integration with janusSEAL for Outlook, emails that users create can automatically inherit the security classification of the most restrictive document classification attachment.

Classification labels cannot be bypassed, and may be checked by content filters and document management systems to enforce security, privacy or information management policies for appropriate transmission, encryption, retention and archival.

Feature Summary:

Simple to use: User-friendly interface. Presents the user with simple choices for classification labels. Enables easy compliance with security policy.
Flexible and policy driven: The organisation’s classification scheme can be centrally administered via Microsoft Group Policy.
Easily retrofit classifications to existing documents: Conveniently search for and replace text classification labels in headers, footers or the body of a document.
Manage visibility of classification labels: Allows the user to control placement of classification labels in headers, footers, as well as in the body of the document.
Enable outbound content filtering: Tight integration with janusSEAL for Outlook allows emails to inherit the security classifications of their attachments. This reduces the possibility of error and assists users in ensuring appropriate classification of emails, all the while providing granular metadata for content filters to use to enforce security policies. Confidential data can now be automatically encrypted or delivered via other secure channels as required.
EAL and CCIT and FIPS Certification Measure your organisation’s security posture: Allows organisations to measure the behaviour of their workforce with regards the appropriate handling of sensitive information. Logs attempts to change the metadata directly, thereby providing tamper evidence.
Simple to administer: Centrally deployed via Microsoft Group Policy or similar.
How does it work?

janusSEAL Documents is used to insert security classification metadata into Microsoft Office files. This metadata enables the information technology systems of the organisation to appropriately enforce security policies regarding the handling of the files.

For example, an archiving system could ensure that very sensitive Office files were archived to a different backup tape than that used for files of low sensitivity.

The janusSEAL products that make up janusSEAL Documents operate within a number of Microsoft Office applications including Word, Excel and Powerpoint. The user sees it as an extra toolbar with a drop-down list of selectable security classification terms that are used by the organisation.

When the user selects a security classification from the list it is inserted into the Office file as metadata. In this way the security classification information becomes embedded into the Office file and is always available to other information technology systems.

janusSEAL Documents also examines any security classification metadata in Office files when a file is opened in a Microsoft Office application. It displays the classification of the Office file to the user in the janusSEAL toolbar. This is to ensure that the user is aware of the security classification of any Office files they are reading or working on.

When operating in Microsoft Word, the janusSEAL toolbar also allows the user to quickly insert a field in the document that displays the security classification. This field can be placed in the document body, or in the header and/or footer of the document. The benefit to using this field is that it is automatically changed if the user changes the security classification of the document.

janusSEAL Documents integrates with janusSEAL for Outlook, the Outlook plug-in available from janusNET that forces users to classify messages they are sending. If a user has classified a document and then attaches the document to an email message, then janusSEAL for Outlook detects the attachment's security classification and does not let the user select a classification for the message that is less than that of the attachment.

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