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janusSEAL - Email and Document Protective Marking / Security Classification

Installed in minutes, janusSEAL forces end users to apply security classifications (or protective markings) to each and every email and document they create and send - from regular email clients as well as mobile or smartphone devices & tablets. 

Messages are monitored on the fly, or at the gateway, and blocked, quarantined or allowed as your security policy dictates.  Perfect for complying with GPMS (Government Protective Marking System) CoCo, PCI and more.

janusSEAL can also force classification of meeting requests, tasks and folder posts.  janusSEAL is available for Outlook, OWA, Pocket Outlook, as well as Blackberry, iPhone, iPad and all other smartphones.

janusSEAL Documents allows organisations to enforce and apply protective, tamper-proof security markings to Microsoft Office - Word, Excel and Powerpoint documents.

Key Features:

Force users to classify emails, documents, meeting requests, folder posts, tasks, spreadsheets, and other electronic documents to prevent unauthorised leakage of sensitive information.
Read our new in-depth advice on complying with UK Gov CoCo, GCSX, GPMS, GC Mail and the new Scottish SWAN network compliance requirements.
Achieving compliance with the Data Protection Act (DPA),  Payment Card Industry (PCI), and ISO 127001. Read more.
Achieving Coco / GPMS compliance. Get the whitepaper
vista encryption Enfield Council in the UK moves to protect sensitive emails with janusSEAL <read more>
janusGATE integrates directly with Microsoft ActiveSync to manage email being sent to ALL mobile devices - including iPhone, iPad, Android, Symbian, Blackberry with Exchange Client, Windows mobile and more. 
janusSEAL SafeDomain - a FREE security policy extension to aid GCSX / CoCo / GPMS compliance as well as UK Police forces.
Limit legal liability and exposure.
Protect valuable Intellectual Property.
Takes the guess work (failings / false positives) out of gateway email monitoring, security and privacy policy enforcement. 
EAL and CCIT and FIPS Certification Classifications are available "out of the box", or can be totally customised based on user requirements.
janusSEAL supports Outlook, Outlook Web Access, Pocket Outlook, Exchange, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, Android.
janusSEAL for Documents supports Word, Excel and Powerpoint from 2002 on.
Simple to deploy, configure and manage.
janusGate wins at the SC Awards

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