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Mobile Device Management (MDM) for iOS and Android

CoSoSys MDM Module for Endpoint Protector ensures complete protection, and enables detailed control over companies’ iOS and Android based mobile device fleet - and critically the sensitive company information stored on them.


Geofencing, allows for Mobile Devices to behave differently when in different Geographical locations.

  • Lock down devices in the workplace, automaticly remove restirctions upon leaving the work place!


Also controls APPS with the new Mobile Application Management (MAM) feature!

  • Strong Security

Easy over-the-air control over mobile devices and enforcement of strong security policies to keep sensitive business data secured on any mobile endpoint at anytime.

  • Tracking and Locating

Closely monitor company’s mobile devices fleet and know at all times where your company sensitive data is. See the current worldwide location of a device, and apply an action necessary if the device was lost or stolen and needs to be located. (Supported for Android. iOS support follows shortly).

  • App Monitoring

    Know at all times what apps are your employees downloading and using on their mobile devices, keeping a discreet line between work and leisure
Mobile Device Management

Key Features:

iOS /Android Support

We offer enhanced control over the use of latest Android and iOS smartphones (inlcuding iOS 6) and tablets available on the market, keeping up with companies employee’s changing needs.


Encourage BYOD model while staying secure! We offer enhanced security for company critical data stored on personal mobile devices, without any limitation over private use.
iOS Over-the-air Enrollment without app

iOS devices can be enrolled and provisioned within seconds without the device user being required to download a client app from the App Store. iOS devices can be enrolled and provisioned requiring from the device user only 3 clicks
Android Enrollment through app

Android devices are enrolled by e-mail or SMS and a 3 click installation of an Android app that is customized on the fly for each device. User interacting is kept to a minimum making it convenient to enroll.

Over-the-air Provisioning

We give businesses the ability to easily provision devices over-the-air anytime and anywhere to be compliant with the latest security policy

Password Enforcement

Proactive protection of company critical data stored on mobile devices by enforcing strong password policies use and closely monitor their application, expiration or change on the device.
Remote Nuke (Remote Wipe)

Be one step ahead and make sure business critical data don’t reach into the wrong hands by instant over-the-air device nuke (remote wipe) in case a mobile device is lost, stolen or accidentally misplaced. For Android, data on the SD Card in the device can also be wiped.
Remote Lock

Avoid unauthorized data leakage by having a permanent and complete over-the-air control over company mobile device access and enable instant device locking in case of any mobile device related incidents.
Mobile Device Asset Management

Keep and overview of what devices are owned by the company or by your employees and what OS Versions they are running.
Locate Lost Device by Play Sound

No more playing hide-and-seek with mobile devices! You will be able to easily locate a misplaced mobile device (for now only supported for Android) by remotely activating a loud ringtone on the device until it is found.
Device Encryption

Ensure that your mobile devices are using its build in hardware encryption-capabilities to safeguard critical business data stored and carried on mobile devices, anywhere in the world.

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