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Endpoint Protector is a Device & Port Control, Mobile Management & full Data Leakage Prevention solution for Windows, Mac OSX and Linux - and its FREE to use on up to 5 computers.

From a single, easy to use console, Endpoint Protector protects company networks of all sizes from data loss, data leakage and data theft by controlling, monitoring and blocking data movement across all portable devices and smartdevices, plus applications such as IM, VoIP, The Cloud, Outlook and webmail.

Detailed reports, logs & audit trails on all the information transferred in and out of the network provide compliance for Government and Industry regulations such as PCI compliance.

Available as both Hardware and Virtual Appliance, it can be integrated within just a few minutes in a company network, ensuring enhanced security while maintaining productivity.

Key Features:

DLP Solution of the year Computing Security Awards!
Read the new SC Magazine Review
Unique and a World First - Data Leakage Protection for Mac OSX is now available - ONLY in Endpoint Protector ! [more] 
Instantly control and lockdown access to ALL removable ports, devices AND Mobile devices - including USB, FireWire, Thunderbolt, WiFi, Bluetooth, eSATA, CD/DVD, iPhone/iPad/iPod, Android phones and tablets, Windows mobile, cameras, tape drives, printers - in fact ANY removable / portable device.
Full Data Leakage Prevention across mobile devices AND applications such as email, IM, web forms, social networks via the Content Aware Module.
Mobile Device Management and Mobile Application Management modules for Endpoint Protector allow you to fully monitor and control all iOS and Android devices in depth now with "Geolocation" based policies, AKA Geofencing.
Awarded runner-up SC Magazine 2013 "Best DLP" award!
For Small Business, Endpoint Protector is totally FREE for up to 5 PC's / Macs, and 5 iOS / Android mobile devices.  Get it now!
Do you KNOW what devices are being plugged in and used on your network today?  Install in "transparent" mode and find out instantly.
The ONLY solution of its kind available to provide cross platform OS support - 32 and 64-bit Windows, XP, Windows 7, 8, 2003, 2008 R2, Vista, MacOSX (including Mavericks) and Linux !
Simple to Deploy. Be completely protected company wide within minutes.  Full AD Integration.
Simple to manage.  A colourful, intuitive management dashboard with default security policies make setup a breeze.
Available as a Virtual Appliance or Hardware Appliance.
Works perfectly with DataLocker.  Instantly lock down access to ALL removable devices except for your approved, encrypted USB drives!
Data Shadowing - take a copy of all information copied to or from a USB / removable device.
Full forensic auditing, logging, reporting of everything.
Endpoint Protector has won multiple awards and recommendations for being a class leading Device Control solution!
Media Whitelist - authorise devices based on the specific data they contain.
Installation of the Endpoint Protector Client onto client PC's takes seconds and is done centrally via the Endpoint Protector management console inside your browser. No need to visit each PC.
Set to operate in stealth mode, transpararent mode or panic full lockdown mode.
Set removable devices for read-only mode.
Control access to devices depending on username, group membership, computer and even time of the day and the day of the week.
Create the white list of approved USB and other devices that will not be locked regardless of any other settings.
Generate full reports on device usage, permissions and policy.
Try CoSoSys Endpoint Protector now or Contact us for a quote.
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