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StickApps have been discontinued

StickApps are the worlds first and only centrally managable portable applications for managed USB drives.   

Our collection of zero footprint Security and Productivity applications - both free and licenced - can be centrally deployed, managed and controlled, and can be deployed on SafeXs, SafeStick, Kingston & G&D managed USB flash drives.

Uniquely for portable applications, StickApps can be completely managed, allowing selected apps and configuration settings to be "pushed" automatically to selected users, quickly and easily giving instant productivity and security gains.

All Apps can be pre-configured giving a consistent user experience.  Apps can also be remotely modified or completely removed automatically as required.

  • The only on-access virus scanner which actively prevents viruses, malware and worms infecting your drives - no matter if the host PC has anti-virus installed or not.  Also detects and prevents keyloggers - useful if using a SafeStick or Kingston drive in an un-trusted PC such as a web cafe, and provides host scanning. [more details] 

  • Protect yourself. 1-in-4 worms now spread via USB <more>

  • Enables fast, secure, trusted VPN connections and RDP sessions to enhance remote worker productivity by giving them access to the computers they need. [more details]

Totally Free to download and use StickApps include;

  • Skype™ - "The whole world talks for free!"
  • Opera™ - small, fast, safe web browser
  • Google Chrome™ - web browser
  • Sumatra - PDF reader
  • Pidgin - Instant Messaging
  • Firefox® - web browser
  • Abiword - Fully featured Word Processor
  • Gnumeric - Spreadsheet app
  • OpenOffice Suite  



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