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StickApps have been discontinued

Protecting your identity from identity theft is of paramount iimportance.

StickApp Password Manager protects this iinformation. Not only does it encrypt your data, but it also safeguards the credentials that identify you. Using state-of-the-art password management, encryption and authentication to secure your passwords and online accounts.

Password Manager also totally automates logon to websites, applications - and automates repetitive online form filling.  You will be amazed at how much time is saved with Password Manager!

As with all StickApps, Password Manager can be automatically "pushed" out onto all of your users SafeXs, SafeSticks or Kingston drives via SafeConsole, and can be (optionally) initialised automatically every time a user unlocks their drive.

Password Manager integrates automatically with Windows and many web browsers when a drive is unlocked.

A very strong "Password Generator" features is also included should users wish to replace insecure passwords with long, complex strong passwords - which are hard to remember but which Password Manager can store and retrieve with ease.

All personal Password Manager data is totally secure and encrypted in TWO ways.  It is encrypted in Hardware by the SafeStick, it is then encrypted again in software automatically by the application to AES 256bit military standards.

An upgrade to a fully Active Directory Integrated Enterprise version - which brings true Single Sign On and Password Management to the Enterprise without any expensive customisation or integration - is available on request.

Key Features:

  • Fast, Easy Logins

With just one-click from the toolbar, you can automatically go, and be logged into any favourite website or Application - there is no need to even open a browser or type the URL.

Password Manager makes the process effortless by automatically saving, then entering all of your username and passwords.

You will never need to remember or type another password again.


  • Fill Forms Fast

Use the Identities feature to securely store your name, address, email, credit cards, and any other personal information you wish to save.

Just click on your Identity from the Toolbar to fill entire web forms automatically.

Save yourself hours of needless repetitive typing!


  • Strong Passwords

Everyone knows they should choose a strong password for their logins to PayPal, Banking Websites and others.

However strong passwords are just too hard to remember - there is no way the average person could remember a 20 character random number, random case password.

With the built in Password Generator this is no longer a problem. Select how strong you would like the password to be, click generate, and then Password Manager will store it securely for future use without you having to remember it!

No no football teams, wife names or children's birthdays - which are easy to remember and easy for hackers to guess!


  • The Password Manager Toolbar

The Toolbar (which appears in your web browser automatically and down in the system tray) gives you easy, yet secure access to all your passwords. It is the perfect way to access all your favourite web sites as well as fill out online web forms — all in one click.

You can even save notes and bookmarks, search the internet, and generate new passwords — all from one toolbar.

Technical Requirements

  • SafeConsole v4.02+
  • SafeXs, SafeStick or SafeStick SuperSonic - v4.02 firmware or higher. 
  • Kingston DTVP-M or DT4000-M
  • G&D Portable Security Token with Smartcard
  • Any SafeConsoleReady device.
  • Windows 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, 7.
  • Web Browsers currently supported by StickApp Password Manager:  Internet Explorer and Firefox®.  Other browsers are not currently supported as they generally require files to be installed on the host PC.
  • 12Mb free space on users SafeStick or Kingston Drive.
  • You can publish as many StickApps as you like at the same time - the only limitation is available space on users drive.
  • Disable a user account in Active Directory - or disable the SafeStick in SafeConsole, and SafeConsole will then lock down the SafeStick preventing any further updates or connections.
  • StickApps Datasheet - PDF 1.6Mb


  • StickApp Anti-Virus, StickApp Password Manager and StickApp VPN Client are commercial applications, and they require a licence to be purchased for use. 
  • Some Free StickApps such as Firefox®, Pidgin and Opera™, are open source applications which are distributed free of charge under the GPL licence. 
  • Some apps - such as Skype™ and Google Chrome™ - are distributed in original form without modification, and you must read and agree to the supplied EULA before use.

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