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StickApp anti-virus has been discontinued.

StickApp Anti-Virus is an on-access anti-virus scanner for SafeToGo, DataLocker, SafeXs, SafeStick, Kingston DTVP-M / DT4000-M and G&D drives.  Protect yourself - 1-in-4 worms now spread via USB. <more>

It actively prevent viruses, worms and malware infecting your drives- no matter if the host PC has anti-virus installed or not.

“Active Shields” are initialised every time a drive is unlocked giving instant protection.

Scans of the host PC or any attached drive can also be manually initiated by the user - useful if using a SafeXs / SafeStick drive in an untrusted PC (such as a web cafe) where there is potential for keyloggers to steal user credentials and passwords.

StickApp Anti-Virus can be automatically installed onto all of an organisations drives via SafeConsole without any end user intervention.

Key Features:

  • Full on-access Virus, Worm, Spyware and Malware protection for SafeStick, SafeXs Drives or ANY SafeConsoleReady device.
  • Key Logger protection and Host Scan ability.
  • Always-on Active Shields actively prevent infections
  • Powered by Avast - one of the world leaders in anti-virus and anti-spyware technology
  • Very fast start-up
  • Scan the host for viruses automatically on startup
  • Independantly rated as having the fastest scanning speed and top performer in detecting viruses
  • Automatic, incremental virus database updates direct from the Internet.
  • On-demand scanning of files, folders and USB drives
  • Simple deployment via SafeConsole.
  • Independantly rated by Virus Bulletin, WestCoast Labs, ICSA, AV-Comparatives and many others
  • Disable a user account in Active Directory - or disable the drive in SafeConsole - and SafeConsole will then lock down the drive preventing further updates or connections.

Technical Requirements

  • SafeConsole v4.02+
  • SafeConsoleReady device.
  • Windows 2000, XP, 2003, 2008, Vista, 7.
  • 40Mb available space on drive.
  • You can publish as many StickApps as you like at the same time - the only limitation is available space on users drive.
  • StickApps Datasheet - PDF 1.6Mb


  • StickApp Anti-Virus and StickApp VPN Client are commercial applications, and they require a licence to be purchased for use. 
  • Some Free StickApps such as Firefox®, Pidgin and Opera, are open source applications which are distributed free of charge under the GPL licence. 
  • Some apps - such as Skype™ and Google Chrome™ - are distributed in original form without modification, and you must read and agree to the supplied EULA before use.



* StickApps are not a Blockmaster product

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