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What is SafeConsole ?

Deployed in minutes, SafeConsole gives you instant control over all of your secure "SafeConsoleReady" USB drives - like DataLocker, Safe2Go and SafeStick - no matter where in the world they may be.   An inventory of all drives being used by your organisation is created automatically, plus you can enforce Company policies for a wide range of device, policy and usage settings.

SafeConsole enables dozens of valuable, time saving, compliance, security and user productivity features - from delivering portable applications and files to remote drives, backup and restore of data, password resets, and providing one click access to Corporate resources such as Outlook Web Access. 

SafeConsole can manage ALL SafeConsoleReady drives - including DataLocker, SafeStick, Kingston and Safe2Go secure USB drives.

Blockmaster SafeConsole USB Management Solution

Remote Password Reset Reset lost user passwords via challenge / response manual procedure, or self-service via zonebuilder.

 **NOTE** Password reset is a totally secure, certificate based one time password recovery mechanism - it is NOT a backdoor or replayable. There are no backdoor passwords in SafeConsole Ready drives.

Application Publisher & Content Delivery Securely deliver data, documents, datasheets, PDF's, applications, to remote drives automatically. 

Your work force will always have the latest price-lists, updated PowerPoint templates and the latest version of a customer presentation. When you need to send top-secret documents to a supplier, you can send them an empty stick and then distribute the content when you know the device is in the right hands. All files in transit are compressed to improve installation and transfer times, which also minimises bandwidth usage.

Backup & Content Audit A lost drive or an inadvertently overwritten file would normally make you lose hours of work. In the event of a lost device, an administrator can easily recreate the drive by sending its backup and settings to a new drive.

The continuous incremental backup is a transparent procedure that does not affect the users’ everyday routines or work. The recreate procedure involves no end-user actions other than plugging a new drive into their machine. The versioning of the backup information makes it possible to retrieve a file that was accidentally erased or overwritten.

A full audit trail is provided for all actions.
Device State Management As an extra security precaution when drives are lost, or to protect your organisation’s sensitive information from access by former employees, you can remotely ‘kill’ rogue drives and erase of all data. In the Device Overview in SafeConsole, an authorized administrator can set the device state to ‘killed’, ‘disabled’ and ‘lost’.

Disabled devices can later be recovered with the Remote Password Reset-feature.

SafeConsole can also be set to handle the devices’ states entirely on autopilot. This will require the drives to connect to the SafeConsole server within a configurable time period. Devices that have not returned are automatically regarded as ‘lost’.

Customisable owner / user / "return on find" information can also be specified.

Device and File Audit Device auditing makes taking stock of your entire portfolio of SafeConsoleReady devices easy. The logs include unsuccessful unlocking attempts, device states and log-ins. This gives the administrator a full overview of all drives in use in the organisation, who used it, when, for what, and where in the world it was used.

File Audit Trail is an extension of the Device Audit. It allows an administrator to see what files have been copied to or deleted from the devices, as well as a trail of the files that have had their names changed.

Write Protection With Write Protection*, users can set their drive in a read-only mode when unlocking it on non trusted machines and thereby gain protection from malware trying to infect the drive or its content. It is also possible for an administrator to enforce this protection when a user leaves the company network ensuring that no malware can be copied to the drives and brought back to the company.

Combining this new feature with Publisher and Authorized Autorun makes it an extremely powerfull tool. An administrator may now publish data to drives knowing that users will not be able to modify the content of the drive once the drive has left the organization. This is ideal for sensitive information that needs to stay intact after having been sent to the target audience. The admin can also set a file to auto-open when the user logs in - that way important new content on the drive will never be missed.

Password Policy Configure multiple complex password policies within SafeConsole and assign them to different groups within the organisation.

There is also the option to set a limited life-span for the password based on the number of unlocks or days passed since the last password change. Faulty unlock attempts are alerted to the user to make sure that social engineered hacks will not succeed.

Inactivity Lock Preset (and override the users’ own settings for) the Inactivity Lock to lock down the secure USB drive after a configurable number of minutes.

If a user forgets an unlocked drive in a computer, the drive will automatically lock down in accordance with the set policy.

The inactivity lock gracefully handles file operations in progress and avoids interruptions to everyday work.

FileRestrictor FileRestrictor only allows storage of file-types specified by the administrator in the SafeConsole settings - for example you can allow PDF's on drives but not MP3's.

Rogue files and malware simply cant exist on a protected drive.  Protect your networks from day zero malware threats like the Conficker and Stuxnet.

Software distributed to the device through the Publisher feature is automatically allowed the FileRestrictor.

Authorized Autorun To prevent the spreading of autorun malware a SafeConsoleReady device always overwrites the autorun.inf files stored on the encrypted storage volume, which disables the effect of viruses such as Conficker.

To still be able to have authorised applications autorun off the devices, you can specify trusted commands in SafeConsole.

EasyShare EasyShare enables users to share a few intended files by protecting them by a temporary PIN.

When the customer, co-worker or friend enters the chosen PIN to access the shared file(s), they will immediately be able to save that file, but they will never get any access to the rest of the files stored on the device.

The rest of the secure files stay protected by the user’s regular strong, exclusive password.

ZoneBuilder Create "zones" for trusted sticks - if a trusted user, uses a trusted stick on a trusted PC, then no password is required.

Take the stick outside this trusted zone and a password will be required - saving valuable time.

Web Login Combine two-factor authentication with a convenient shortcut for quick, easy and secure access to a web account.

Web Log-in enables the administrator to connect a SafeConsoleReady device with a user’s web-based email account (or any other web log-in) and give direct access to the account through a shortcut displayed in the “Shortcuts” window.

With this setup, the user never needs to remember the (sometimes-)complicated URL or more than one password to get to the log-in.

Certificate Carrier SafeConsoleReady devices such as DataLocker can be used as trusted vessels to transport certificates used for signing or encrypting documents or accessing protected resources.
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SafeStick Overview

SafeStick Overview

Organisational Overview

SafeSick Organisational Overview

Password Policy

SafeStick password policy
Password Recovery

SafeStick password recovery
Mark a Lost SafeStick

SafeStick Mark as Lost
Configuring Lost Drive Message

SafeStick lost drive message

File Publisher





SafeStick Backup

SafeStick backup

File Blocker

File Blocker

File Logger

File Logger

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