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CESG / CCTM Approval

The CESG Claims Tested Mark (CCTM) scheme provides a government quality mark for the Public and Private sectors based on accredited independent testing, designed to prove the validity of security functionality claims made by vendors.

SafeStick (which was replaced by several other "SafeConsoleReady" Devices in Dec 2011 such as DataLocker, SafeToGo etc. but using the same internal controller and software evolution) successfully underwent CCTM testing and was awarded the mark on the 27th July 2010.

The CESG official website from where this information was reproduced can be found here:

All SafeConsole Ready drives have both UK Government CESG approval AND US Government FIPS 140-2 approval.

*NOTE* The CESG / CCTM scheme has now been replaced by the CPA

SafeStick (replaced by DataLocker, SafeToGo) Awarded CESG Claims Tested Mark

The CESG Claims Tested Mark is today awarded to Blockmaster AB for the SafeStick USB Flash Drive, in two models and multiple storage sizes.

"This represent a welcome first for CCTM to list a certificated USB Flash Drive product", says Peter Hayes, Head of the CCTM Secretariat ISC.

"We know there are many parts of the wider public sector where handling data classified below the RESTRICTED level brings uncertainties. It is vital that people are using approved products coupled with appropriate procurement decisions, risk management and strong procedural measures. With SafeStick now carrying the CCTM certificate, part of that now becomes a lot easier", say Hayes.

CCTM Documents:

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