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Deepnet MobileID / iPhone / iPad Android

Deepnet MobileID - works with ALL mobiles including iPhone, iPad & Android

MobileID transforms mobiles, USB drives, PC's, PDA's and tablets into One-Time Password (OTP) token devices, providing an easy to use, cost-effective way to provide strong authentication protection for Windows logon, VPN, Citrix, websites, email and other applications.

Why spend money, and waste more resources on regular hardware tokens when users already carry around their phone / iPad!

MobileID works with virtually all mobile devices including iPhone, iPad,
Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Pocket PC, Symbian and Palm OS.


How it works

MobileID is a small app available in all app stores, such as iPhone App Store, Android Market and Blackberry AppWorld. In one click, users can install MobileID on their mobile phones. Organisations can also simply push MobileID to their users' phones by SMS messages.

For USB drives and PC's, you simply deploy an application which users can run.

Once the MobileID is installed on a phone, it works like a conventional hardware OTP token. It generates one-time passwords whenever and wherever you need it, without the need for Internet or data connection. It is portable, convenient and free!

Key Features:
  • Supports all types of phones - 100% coverage
MobileID supports all types of mobile phones, from smartphones such as iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and any ordinary phones that are JAVA enabled.
  • 2-Factor and 2-Way (2x2) Authentication
Unlike other OTP based authentication solutions that offer only one-way authentication, MobileID employs a patented technology and delivers a strong two-way and two-factor authentication(2x2) - the user and the service can be mutually authenticated. In the authentication process, a pair of one-time passwords (OTP) is used to authenticate the user to the service as well as the service to the user.
  • Fully OATH Compliant
MobileID is fully compliant with the algorithms set forth by Open AuTHentication (OATH) and implements event-based HOTP, time-based TOTP and challenge & response ORCA algorithm proposed as a standard within the IETF.
  • Challenge & Response
MobileID can also be configured as a Challenge-Response device, whereby the user is asked to enter a Challenge Code given by any service application, after which the MobileID generates a Response Code to be used to authenticate the user to that service. Challenge-Response authentication provides additional security to the simple OTP authentication.
  • Secure & Safe
The user's credential data in MobileID is encrypted with the device fingerprint, and locked to the user's mobile phone device, preventing it from being copied or stolen. In addition, MobileID is protected by the user's PIN. In the case of the user's mobile phone been lost or stolen, an additional PIN can be set by the user to stop the MobileID from being operated by unauthorised persons.

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