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Government CoCo Compliance, GPMS, GC Mail


The UK Government's Code of Connection (CoCo) is a set of official IT Security "baseline" standards which must be met for Local Authorities to keep access to the Government Connect Secure Extranet (GCSx).

GCSx is a secure private Wide-Area Network (WAN) that enables communication between local authorities and Government departments such as Work and Pensions and Children Schools and Families.

Several of our solutions assist LA's to achieve CoCo, PSN, GC Mail and GPMS compliance.  Such solutions are also useful for Police Forces in the United Kingdom who are connected to the Police National Network (PNN).

Many of our other solutions also address PCI, Data Protection, GPMS and ISO27001 compliance.

  • User Auditing / User Experience Monitoring

Encryption laptops is a key requirement for any organisation.

Hundreds of organisations have lost data, and been placed in difficult situations because of failings in encrypting all computers.

Drivecrypt is a full disk encryption service for Windows laptops and computers, which provides full, seamless, total encryption of all hard disks.

Drivecrypt is FIPS 140-2, Common Criteria EAL4, and BITS Financial Service certifications.

Read more on Drivecrypt

  • Two Factor Authentication

A key element of CoCo is that users working remotely must use secure two-factor authentication instead of simple passwords.

Two-factor authentication requires a user to present two different factors (or proof) of identity – something you know and something you have. These factors are usually a secret PIN (something you know) and a tangible "token", which can be a key fob device, a USB device (such as SafeStick), or a mobile device such as a mobile phone, iPhone or BlackBerry (something you have).

Read more on Deepnet DUALShield Authentication solutions

  • Removable Device Security

BlockMaster has a well-established, world wide and successful track record when providing fully encrypted, tamperproof and managable USB memory sticks to Government and other local authorities.

Since 2009 the UK NHS made SafeStick (now SafeToGo) and SafeConsole their solution of choice when looking for removable media security.

Read more on SafeToGo and and SafeConsole USB Encryption and management solution

  • Insider Threat Management / Data Leakage Prevention

CoSoSys Endpoint Protector provides total control over all removable device use, AND gives you total control over your environment - control who has access to what, when, how and for what purpose.

A complete Insider Threat Management and Data Leakage Prevention solution, policies can prevent dissemination of information via any exit point - email, webmail, IM, FTP, Skype, social networking sites, screen grabs etc. etc. Even printing of sensitive documents can be restricted on the fly.

  • Email,, Web Filtering, Email Encryption, Email Archiving and Email Continuity

McAfee Security-as-a-Service protects from Email and Web threats, while providing encryption, archiving and seamless email continuity.

  • Email Protection - block 99.7%+ spam, all malware, phishing, zero hour and targeted attacks.

  • Web Protection filters all web traffic for threats - including mobile devices and remote workers.

  • Automatic Email Continuity keep users productive during planned or unplanned email outages.

  • Email Encryption.    Simple, fast, no software to install for sender or recipient.



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